Marin and the Heart Brownie


What is the best thing in the whole wide world?

Spending time with the people you love of course.

Marin has a great dad and a great mum. But they work a lot, they are always in a rush and don’t have any time. Marin also has a good friend at nursery, and a cool nanny with purple hair, tattoos and a ring in her nose, and she has a great-grandmother, who always has time for Marin.

Marin is happy and loves to learn and play, but sometimes she wishes that everyone had a little more time to spend together.

One day great-grandmother gives Marin a strange doll. It looks very old and very grumpy, but it is very special, because it makes you not feel alone. The doll is a heart brownie.


Author: Ingun Christensen

Illustrator: Kathrina Skarðsá

56 pages