Sum rótskot

The new novel by Marjun Syderbø Kjelnæs - "Sum rótskot" - is written for young adults and deals with questions like; what do you do when people behave as if everything is fine while the world is being destroyed?

What do you do when illness is threatening to kill your best friend?

"Sum rótskot" is about four teenage friends who want to give people a wake-up-call so that they will take the environmental crisis seriously. But when they take the matter into their own hands it has unforeseen consequenses. Ten years ago Marjun Syderbø Kjelnæs wrote another critically acclaimed novel for young adults, "Skriva í sandin", which was also published in Denmark, Norway and Iceland. Like the previous novel, the new "Sum rótskot" is a contemporary story with settings, plots and topics that are relevant for young people today.

"How far can we go in our fight for justice? That is one of the questions dealt with in the book "Sum rótskot". The novel is relevant for the socalled Greta Thunberg generation", says the reviewer Tráin Petursson Nónklett.