FarLit – an abbreviation of Faroese Literature - promotes awareness of Faroese literature on the international book market. FarLit is funded by the Ministry of Culture.

The cross-organizational collaboration that preceded FarLit between the Faroese publishing houses, the Ministry of Culture and the Nordic House began in 2011 under the name ‘Faroese Books’ with the aim to promote Faroese books at the Frankfurt Book Fair the same year. This was made possible as Iceland was Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2011, and kindly provided a special window for the Faroe Islands in association with the Icelandic stand. 

FarLit continues to participate in the book fairs in London, Gothenburg and Frankfurt. 

Please have a look at the website for FarLit (www.farlit.fo). It shows the wide range and quality of Faroese Literature.


Publishers who wish to translate and publish original Faroese works can apply for translation and productiongrants from two different foundations in the Faroe Islands. http://farlit.fo/grants-2/


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