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Bob and Hilbert are friends. One day Bob gets a message from Hilbert, who needs help with something. Bob finds Hilbert dangling in the air. Hilbert wants Bob’s help to get down, so that he can go home. These remarkable cartoon-like…


A new YA novel from Rakel Helmsdal richly illustrated by Katharina Skarðsá. A skeleton in the scrub. A shattered childhood. A world you didn’t know existed, but perhaps belong in. A little-finger bone in the pocket and a…

The boy who shouted his head off

The boy is shouting, and everybody covers their ears. Then his head suddenly starts to grow and he floats away like a balloon. Where is he going? And will he ever come home again? Join the boy who shouted his head off on an unexpected journey.…

Sum rótskot

The new novel by Marjun Syderbø Kjelnæs - "Sum rótskot" - is written for young adults and deals with questions like; what do you do when people behave as if everything is fine while the world is being destroyed? …

Luddi and Lundisa

The story about the two sweet pufflings, Luddi and Lundisa, written by Vár Berghamar Jacobsen is a favourite among small childre…

1-1-2 Fuglafjørður

Grandmother and granddad are exhausted from babysitting. So they decide to go on a holiday and get a little break from children. They think! Soon unexpected visitors come knocking, one with a red crest and a flock of little one…

The Book about you

This book is for parents and relatives to note down the milestones from a child´s birth. Its pages are intended to immortalise funny and memorable moments, little gems from the early years. There is room to write about everything f…

Will you catch me?

A picture book with a gentle story about death.   After dinner they are sent out into the garden: little brother, sister and big brother. Little brother up in the tree, sister with the kite and big brother by the…

Foreign rights

Bókadeild Føroya Lærarafelags (BFL) represents authors and titles in the field of children´s books.

BFL is one of the largest publishing houses on Faroe Islands and we have something to offer to publishers and production companies world-wide and expertise in handling translation rights to our authors.


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