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Hilda and Monsi

Hilda and Monsi are best friends. One day they dress as knights and go out to play in the field. Then Monsi disappears into an Elf Mound … Can Hilda in her knightly garb save Monsi before the elves get him under their control? The…

Granddad and I and granddad

This is a story about a grandfather in the early stages of dementia. The grandson is noticing little changes in his grandfather. From the book: "Granddad knows a lot of stories. He can even tell stories without a book. Fairy tales a…

Alva and Lias

THE PEARL IS IN ALL THE COLOURS OF THE RAINBOW. Lias is fascinated. He thinks that the sparkling pearl looks like a gemstone. It glistens when he turns it. Where can he keep it safe? Alva wants a dog, but she is allergic to bo…


This book was first published in 2001. Its aim was to make material about traditional Faroese ballads, kvæði, and ballad chanting available to schools, as well as the many dance circles in the Faroe Islands that teach children and young …

Luddi and Lundisa and the giant chick

Luddi and Lundisa are two cute pufflings, who live on the little island Mykines in the Faroe Islands. One day when they are singing about flowers, they suddenly hear a chop chop chop in the air above. Then they spot a giant chick. Author…


Bob and Hilbert are friends. One day Bob gets a message from Hilbert, who needs help with something. Bob finds Hilbert dangling in the air. Hilbert wants Bob’s help to get down, so that he can go home. These remarkable cartoon-like…


A new YA novel from Rakel Helmsdal richly illustrated by Katharina Skarðsá. A skeleton in the scrub. A shattered childhood. A world you didn’t know existed, but perhaps belong in. A little-finger bone in the pocket and a…

The boy who shouted his head off

The boy is shouting, and everybody covers their ears. Then his head suddenly starts to grow and he floats away like a balloon. Where is he going? And will he ever come home again? Join the boy who shouted his head off on an unexpected journey.…

Foreign rights


Bókadeild Føroya Lærarafelags (BFL) represents authors and titles in the field of children´s books.

BFL is one of the largest publishing houses on Faroe Islands and we have something to offer to publishers and production companies world-wide and expertise in handling translation rights to our authors.


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